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Lessons from our CEO symposium

Hosted with our partners at Park Place Financial, we invited business leaders from across Ontario to Magna Golf and Country Club for a day of learning from some of our provinces brightest business leaders.

We are so proud of the success of our 1st CEO Symposium hosted yesterday at Magna Golf and Country Club. Our goal was to bring together like-minded, successful business owners to hear from some of the brightest business leaders in our province.

Paschal McCloskey, shared with us the journey of entrepreneurship and how he went from building McCloskey International to the sale of the company in June 2019. Most critical was surrounding himself with bright leaders.

Paul Desmarais III (Chairman & CEO of Sagard Holdings, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Portag3 Ventures, Chairman & Co-Founder of Diagram) spoke about how to find your own path as the third-generation in a dynamic global family business. How staying true to the family business values of hard work, humility and education has kept the company innovative and progressive.

George Cooke, Chair of the Board of Directors of OMERS Administration Corporation discussed how to establish an effective board to protect and grow your company. How diversity of thinking at the board level creates an advantage in a fast paced environment.

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