Many business owners today spend their time focusing on day-to-day priorities and may wonder if they are on the right path.


Park Place Advisory provides clear thinking to empower business owners to tackle complex decisions and deliver positive impacts.

Our clients value a facilitated approach to guide them through a process of strategic change including:

Determine if new ideas and opportunities are strategically aligned

Motivate a team to work together towards a unified long-term goal

Create clearer prioritization and decision-making process


A vision is critical to the future success of your business. It aligns both staff and clients to your core values and communicates your future path.


The process begins with exploring what has created your success and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead.

We get crystal clear about what makes your business unique and how to leverage this advantage towards your future.


SWOT analysis, values, mission and vision.



A strategic plan takes your vision and together with key leaders, maps out how to make it a reality.


We work with you to co-create a strategic plan to identify business processes, major initiatives and overall actions that are aligned to achieve your vision.


A strategic plan that outlines the projected goals and priorities on an annual and quarterly basis.


Your culture is how people experience your organization both inside and outside of the business. Culture is made up of a variety of factors, including values, traditions, actions and priorities. You can proactively shape the culture by assessing your best people to identify what behaviours align to your future success.


We work with identified individuals to determine the culture of your business and how to ensure the right people are driving the vision forward.


Defined culture, people evaluation, adjusted

performance criteria, framework to hire for the culture.



Business owners often find themselves asking if there are better ways of making decisions more effectively and efficiently. A key part of this process is clarifying roles and establishing a code of conduct.


We look at how leaders are included in the business and whose voices are heard at the table. We evaluate roles,level of involvement and what is expected from each leader.


Decision making framework, role clarity, partnership meeting guidelines and partnership code of conduct.



Business partnerships like all relationships, can face unresolved conflicts and when not effectively dealt with, can impact the positive momentum of the business.


We uncover the underlying cause of the problems and examine options for resolution to each partners interest.  


Resolution options and a commitment for future actions.



When determining whether to purchase or merge with another business, several factors need to be considered. This process allows you to explore whether it is the right fit for your company, your people and how to structure the business for future success. 


We work with you through a strategic fit analysis to determine whether a purchase or merger is the best fit for your future. We support you through negotiation and due diligence as well as create a comprehensive plan.


Acquisition strategy, decision making framework, “go or no-go” confirmation, post-sale transition plan, communication and change management plan.




Guiding you through a process of strategic change.

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