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Welcome to Park Place Advisory Kim Siegers-Robinson

Park Place Advisory proudly announces Kim Siegers-Robinson as its business advisor.

Article written by Kim Siegers-Robinson

I have always respected and admired entrepreneurs for giving up the security of a steady paycheck to enter into the realm of the unknown: relying on their wits, instincts and talents to create something from nothing. And then, making the sacrifice to nurture and grow their business into something incredibly impressive.

I’ve had the distinct honour of working side by side with business owners for 20 years and have learned a great deal. Through the challenges of rapid growth, the elation of achieving stretch goals and the devastation of an owner unexpectedly passing away. Some common themes I’ve experienced include:

Owners are really busy, which can make it hard for them to step back and create a roadmap for the future. This makes it challenging to differentiate between a strategically aligned idea and an interesting distraction.High dependence on founders to generate growth may make them feel stuck in that role and cause difficulty in letting go.It takes a strong governance structure to balance family harmony and the needs of the business because they may be in conflict.

The last thing I ever want to witness is an owner who has worked hard for many years, suddenly lose the value of their business because of a bad exit plan or an emergency.   And this is what has driven me to dive deeper into helping business owners exit on their terms. To fully pursue my passion for protecting businesses from serious risks, resolving relationship issues and creating a blueprint for future success. 

I now devote my time to a new venture called Park Place Advisory services. The focus of this business is to empower business owners across industries to make strategic decisions about their future.  

Visit to learn more about how we work with business owners to gain clarity on the future.

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